About Us

Augmented Enterprise, Inc. creates enterprise applications with cutting edge technology that has, until now, only been seen in the gaming and CGI movie industry.
We fuse enterprise computing and gaming technology to deliver value and solutions that have been impossible with traditional enterprise software technology. 

Our UnrealEnterprise product suite takes a fresh approach to reimplement enterprise design and monitoring to create a fully immersive 3D experience. 

Dynamically augmented instrumentation will allow architects, developers, and infrastructure staff to not only access the instrumentation of any system or application in a virtual reality environment but also access the same, rich instrumentation, overlaid on actual infrastructure.

Why do we need 3D modeling?

UnrealEnterprise Product Suite

Modeler will make it possible to model systems in a 3D, and eventually in a virtual reality space. The user will have an avatar that they can control to select certain objects or components and place those components in the 3D space and then connect those components to other components to communicate something about the system that is being modeled. 


Monitor will collect real-time metrics about the systems that were modeled and display these metrics on the various components in the same 3D space. Users will be able to view all the performance metrics in context of the system that was modeled.


Simulator will allow users to simulate workload through the system model to see how the flow of control will pass from the application, to perhaps a database and other servers before returning a reply to the user of the system.   


Augmentor will present the real-time metrics of Monitor, but over the actual physical computer equipment in a data center. If you have ever played or seen the game Pokemon Go, then you will know what augmented reality is.  


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